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Will your diet help you conceive?

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So many times I have heard tips and tricks of what to eat and when. The perfect diet seems to be different for every ailment.

When I had Erin I didn’t stick to a diet at all. I ate absolute rubbish actually. In my two week wait I ate Chicken dippers and chips every day! No one ever told me to eat any different.

The only thing I did differently was that I cut out caffeine completely. For me I was a huge Coca Cola fiend!! It was hard but I would do anything for my baby girl.

I’m not sure why they say that caffeine is best to cut out but they do. I didn’t have it for the whole of my IVF round or pregnancy.

Since then I have heard so many things about different diets. In particular a diet for IVF and PCOS which is zero carbs. The reasoning for this is to control insulin levels. I understand that it may increase your chances but being miserable in the food your eating would also have adverse affects.

Again then there is taking vitamins. Vitamin deficiency is apparently one of the biggest causes of missing periods in women. So many success stories have been thanks to taking supplements and resulted in the female Conceiving.

Lastly which is one of the weirdest ones I have heard of is eating Brazil nuts assists in IVF and the first 3 months of pregnancy. Apparently it thickens the womb lining and ensures it stays thick. Apparently one Brazil but a day is ideal. If anyone has tried this and think it works let me know??

Do you know if any other hints and tips for ensuring you conceive?

Foods that can help you to conceive