ARE WE THERE YET?! Travelling with Kids on a flight to Orlando

I am not going to lie. I have just sat and contemplated if Disney world is actually worth the 9 and a bit hour flight. We have just hit hour five and the last hour I have considered shutting Erin in box. If I hear “I don’t want to watch another film”. “Homework?! I don’t want to do homework”. The fact she wants to get off the plane and just get to Disney world already. No shit Erin we all do!!!!! And STOP SHOUTING WITH YOUR EARPHONES ON…. I am not deaf- neither is the rest of the plane for that matter!!!!!

The journey to the airport consisted of Erin vomiting over me, my favourite blanket, herself and the car seat! That was pleasant! Who doesn’t love an early morning bout of reflux in a car packed with holiday stuff. Anyway I got demoted to the back of the car once she was cleaned with service station baby wipes so I could smell in the whole way there! The plane was going swimmingly at the start, she watched trolls… ate her meal.. had a few of the toys I had brought and wrapped up.

How do you explain to a 4 year old that it takes 9 hours and yes that is a long time. I don’t blame the girl, I am bored brainless too.

I have watched bad moms.. great film ladies and now I’m watching Bridget Jones’ baby (another great). All I actually want to do is sleep but miss… I can’t go longer than ten seconds without tapping you to whinge is on a roll.

I understand why people don’t take their kids on flights. Especially long haul!! All I can say is I hope she bloody sleeps on the way home! It’s a night flight so I can’t quite imagine the incessant whinging whilst I am twice as tired!!! Happy holidays folks!!!!

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