12 Days of Parenting

Monday 14th – On the second day of Christmas – My list to Santa thisyear

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Another year and another list as long as my arm from the Threenager! ‘I want that’ ringing in my ears for the 12 hours a day she is awake… So now it’s my turn! 

Dear Santa,

I have been a very patient mummy this year and I would like;

A Self-cleaning house

A Washing machine that unloads itself and iron’s shirts!! (So I don’t have this!!) 

The Downton Abbey box set that I am able to watch in peace and pretend that my child is sent to the live in ‘nanny’ and I just bring her out whilst I want to play and everyone serves us and tidy’s up!

My child to do everything I say first time without questions and always behaves impeccably in restaurants!

Love Faye

Ps. who am I kidding I will settle with a jumper and a lie in one day over the Christmas period! x

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