The most Beautiful Christmas Tradition of them all….


One of the best things that I have seen for Christmas is Santa’s Deluxe Luxury Treat Pack- £40.00. I have never seen a treat pack like it! it is absolutely beautiful (so beautiful I don’t want to open and use it!!) The pack includes; Instructions, treat pack map, a personalised letter from Santa, Nice list certificate, Magical Reindeer Oats, Magic Expanding Snow, glass Milk bottle and coloured paper straw, Treat plate for Santa, Candy Cane, Sticks, Cadbury’s hot chocolate, chocolate coins, Santa’s laser engraved frosted shot glass and a secret extra!! All boxed in a beautiful enchanted wooden chest that is personalised with a laser engraved lid!


Each child received a different letter from Santa that comes in a brown Kraft envelope with a nice list certificate, the envelope also includes the child’s name and the north pole post office stamp on the front the ensure it is authentic. The letters have the year printed on them which makes them great for memory books.


Now I hear you questioning what the heck Magic snow is! As did I! You can sprinkle some into the palm of the child’s hand and add a few drops of water…. Now the unbelievable part cold magic snow appears!!!! (It is completely safe and nontoxic for children!)


The size of the box is 35cm X 21cm and is made from good quality wood, all of the products have a really vintage feel about them which I love and it is something that can be refilled every year. It is worth every penny and makes Christmas really special and has a luxury feel to it. There are several other options to decrease the price of the box and make it smaller including lots of other magical Christmas items available to purchase at