12 Days of Parenting

Tuesday 15th – On the third day of Christmas – How becoming a parent has changed the holidays for me!

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Becoming a parent changes the holiday season in so many different ways! Firstly you have a new found excitement for Christmas and everything that comes with it!

There are so many things that make me excited and beam with pride over the period such as attending Nursery’s Christmas show… she may not do much and half the time just stands there ignoring everyone around her and doing her own thing… but I still want to burst into tears with pride!! Last year Erin attended her first Nursery Christmas play and her Ballet show! Both of which I was beaming with pride the whole way through. This is now one of my favourite things as a parent in the year.

There are also the downfalls of having a little one at Christmas-

Last year was a shock for me since becoming a parent, Erin hadn’t really understood what was happening. She was now 2.5 years old on Christmas Eve she was like the Duracell bunny…. We completed our traditions and settled her into bed an hour and a half later than normal- this plan failed…. It failed miserably! We always stay at my mums on Christmas Eve and looking back now it was a nightmare. She slept for an hour and then was up…. The rest is history… 3am I was asleep on the floor of her bedroom whilst she played in her bed! God knows what time she went to sleep as I gave up around 2.30am and stopped answering ‘Mum are we having a sleepover?!’ She roused at 6.30am after this and still managed to be on a high all morning!! This will not occur again!!! I will make sure of it!

Every year with little one’s things change and the holidays become more fulfilling than they ever were without them, that’s why we love the little monkey’s so much!

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