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Dulux- Daydreaming about new decor?

Changing Decor in the home is tough, especially with kids. During the summer holiday’s the thought of kids assisting in decorating scares me! Neons, glitter, 1000 colours and fur-hmmmm!!! Dulux have recently partnered with child developmental psychologist Dr Sam Wass. Who together have looked into the benefits of involving your child in the decorating process. It …


Nothing in the Fruit Bowl-No Problem!

I am fed up of fruit being brought and being sat in the fridge going off!!! Erin goes to her dads for 1 day and 3 nights a week so when I buy fruit for her I have to buy it tactically so she is able to eat it all before it goes off… most …


#Serenz Stopping Sneezing with Speed!

Sneezing, Snotty, sore? Serenz is the cure! Serenz Allergy Relief is aimed at people with nasal allergies such as nasal congestion, sneezing, itching and a runny nose. The capsule is small enough to be carried around and is quick and easy to use. Serenz is different to other products on the market as it is …


More Bambella Beauties- Play mat review

 One thing I never brought when Erin was tiny was a play mat, I brought all of the standard baby gyms and bouncers; but nobody mentioned how great a play mat would be! When babies start sitting up and rolling over they become a mild nightmare rolling around the floor especially as you put them …


Little Lady Fit for Sport!

Fit for Sport were the answers to all of my prayers they are doing a sports based holiday club at over 100 sites across the UK doing healthy physical activity based sessions for children aged 4 and up. The activities can include swimming, team sports, games- anything to get there exercise juices flowing! All Fit …


Mummy Guilt..that dreaded feeling

Before my spell of ‘Mummy guilt’… I managed to have a wonderful child-free day with the lovely Rachel shopping for ball gowns for a masquerade ball, we are heading to as a pre-wedding celebration for her. As per usual we got to the shops and brought things for the children within two minutes of being …


Bambella’s Beautiful Baby Buys

If you are a fan of our blog you will have seen we are in love with the stunning products from Bambella designs-Check out our previous post here;Pushchair Customising! We have been lucky enough to be sent some of their gorgeous new products which are not only stunning but are perfect for babies worldwide. The …


Reflux- Coughs and Cries

When you are pregnant and you get reflux and drink Gaviscon like its going out of fashion you never imagine that when your baby is born they will have it too. I have never heard of reflux in babies as it’s not something that’s heard of for people that aren’t in parenting circles. 8th May …


Datebox- the Date without the hassle!

When you have been dating someone for a while and you throw children into the mix its gets harder to keep the magic alive and set aside time for romance. It is such an important factor into your relationship so you don’t become stuck in a rut but where do all these creative individuals get …