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It’s ONLY 6.44am..

It’s 6.44am… I have already had to send Erin to her room.  Saturday night I battled with my own thoughts and took her out past her bedtime. I knew it was a bad idea. I shouldn’t have done it. It’s left me with 4 days of hell so far. Monday-was put on the “sad square” …


Saving Money and Time! 

A few weeks ago Matthew came home and announced that he was no longer “spending a fortune” in Co-op! When we looked into it we were “popping to the shop” every few days an spending £15-£30 a time!!!! We knew we had to stop this habit and complete proper food shopping. I shopped around and …


iittttsssss CHRISTMASSSSS- Time to buy for those ladies and gents in your life! 

Christmas… there i said it. Some of you will shudder and some of you will be sat getting all tingly and excited- whichever you are, I am here to help. This year I wanted to get ready and be one of the super organised mums.. safe to say i haven’t quite pulled off this off! …


A second chance! 

Second chances are things that tend to only happen in fairytales or the jammy people out there that have all the good luck! I used to think this was the case anyway! I can see why I used to think that way and why others do. Sometimes a second chance moment is one of those …


Go Ahead and grab a treat! #goahead #onthego

Being a mum tends to mean you get a pretty rough deal when it comes to eating! Leftovers off your child’s plate, most things are cold, and your children always tend to want the best item on your plate- save the meltdown you give in! I am currently trying to eat better and not ram …


Growing up doesn’t mean habits need to change! #SimilacReview #Britmums #ad

When it was time for Maisie to weaned onto cows milk, we hit a stumbling block- no one could get her to drink it! Luckily for us she was able to have Growing up Milk as we were concerned she wouldn’t be able to get the goodness from Milk that she needed. When Similac and …


Hair for kids- 7 day of style! 

When Erin started school it excites me as I now get to play “hair” every morning!  Many people think I spend far too much time messing with Erin’s hair (yes Matthew I’m looking at you!) but I love it and she loves having “princess hair”. I always try to do a new style every day …


Kidecals- A solution to a long term toddler problem!

How many times have i looked at Erin’s feet when we are about to leave the door and her shoes are on the wrong feet and i want to freak because were already late and haven’t got time to be changing her shoes! Erin has been able to put her on shoes on since the …


Savoury, delicious but more importantly healthy!

Recently I have been discussing sweets over Halloween and how I was trying to make the sweets Erin ate very more healthy.  I have overhauled “Erin’s cupboard” which is her height and when she wants something she is able to ask and get it herself. This then brought me to thinking about the savoury items …