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Essential uses for essential oils

Essential oils…something you stand an stare at in a shop but have no uses for in the home? I used to be the same! Since finding Eden Semilla range of products I have wanted to use them more and more but never had the ideas of what to do with them- especially the essential oils. …


No.1 lounge- luxury for any traveller!

I’m sat on a plane as we speak enjoying my flight to Dubai on the way to my dream destination- The Maldives! We have been lucky enough to make our trip even more special by  being treated to the No.1 Lounge at Birmingham Airport in exchange for an honest review. The first thing I thought …


Mushroom Growing with toddlers!

Fussy eater who wont eat a vegetable unless they have grown it? yes me too!! Thankfully for us, The Grocycle Project are here to help! you can now grow your own mushrooms with ease! Check out our Vlog- You can buy the mushroom kit from for £16 and get your own mushrooms in just …


Coaching your way through parenthood!

Someone coaching you through parenthood sounds like a dream! Barefoot Coaching have come up with a new and ingenious way of doing just that. They have launched their new ‘Coaching cards for parents’. These cards are designed to make honest, open and frank conversations between new parents easier. There are 52 in a pack and …


‘Spill mummy’ the noise i won’t hear again!

Spill Mummy! This is all i ever hear from the back of the car. A large exhale normally comes out whilst i am trying to compose my mild anger. I am not sure how much my more my car seats can take! MAM have a great solution to my problem thankfully! They have been around …


2.4 children- is this really practical anymore?

2.4 children … is this really a thing anymore? Are there still mums out there that are the perfect wives and slaves to their husbands and kids? I’m thinking there are!! My partner is very traditional with his roles as he was brought up with traditional roles in his family. His mum didn’t work, looked …


Homework… to give or not to give?

To give or not to give…that is the question! Erin went to a nursery where uniform was worn from the start and at the age of two she was offered a ‘homework book’. This gave me the decision weather I wanted Erin to have homework weekly or not- I was in a dilemma. Do I …


Screen Time- Ipads, tablets and phones for kids?

How many times have I been to a restaurant and Erin’s started crawling under the table or banging her knife and fork about like she’s in some form of rock band and I have grabbed my phone and put her on Cbeebie’s app or a Disney film!? A lot I can tell you! At first …


Travel Turmoil- Milton to the rescue!

Travel with babies is stressful at the best of times. When you have to worry about everything a baby needs to go on holiday- you panic. Milton have a solution to make one part of your journey that little bit simpler- a travel steriliser.  It is £10.99 and is available at John Lewis, Boots and …