12 Days of Parenting

Sunday 13th – On the first day of Christmas – Parties, End of Nursery and running around like a headless Turkey!!

Welcome to 12 days of Parenting Day one-we have a fab giveaway for your little ones at the bottom too so check it out and use my Code word-Lights – Good Luck! 

It’s that time again where my daughter has a better social life than me! She is constantly invited to end of playgroup parties and end of nursery parties, my auntie wants to take her somewhere yet she’s been invited elsewhere… I run around like a headless turkey yet I am just the taxi driver! At 3year’s old she has seen Santa more times than I can shake a stick at! He normally attends every event and party…funny as I got told he was extremely busy this time of year! 😉

With this in my around November I start to make a ‘diary force field’ that I am able to complete with strict calibration of everybody’s lives, this enables me to get to the right party at the right time or the correct play with minimal fuss and the right outfit for said child!

That said when we don’t have days filled with plays, parties or Santa visit’s we are able to spend the day doing fun Christmas related things together- some of our favourites are Christmas baking, making homemade gifts and cards and snuggling watching Christmas films with the cold firmly shut outside!

This year I will be making a conservative effort to ensure my diary is kept up to date (another bloody New Year’s resolution- buy a diary and actually use it- All Year!!!) But to most of all have fun and make Christmas enjoyable for little people, who appreciate the little things about Christmas more than we know. 

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