12 Days of Parenting

Monday 21st – On the ninth day of Christmas – The children don’t stop at Christmas

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Being a mummy doesn’t stop at Christmas-the lazy toddler still wants her vegetables spoon fed whilst your dinner goes rapidly cold and she gets up and down off her hair 100 times in an attempt to play with her new toys instead of sitting and behaving like every other child (its always yours that plays up isn’t it!!)

Bed time is more stressful than normal as great aunt Mildred has been sneaking the children chocolate on a constant flow all day… normally followed by someone being sick!

The mess… the Christmas tree needles are lay on the floor, you trip over 6 bags of wrapping paper every time you want to go near the front door and the kitchen has been used to make dinner for the 5000 and all that you want to do is go to bed.

Children are still pulling your leg asking for a drink or there hungry or telling on each other…Being a mummy never stops… 365 days a year 24 hours a day! So a big high fives to all the mummies as you have got through another year… now crack out the Prosecco and let the kids run riot- its only one day and its Christmas!!

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