12 Days of Parenting

Friday 18th – On the sixth day of Christmas – Top tips for hosting and surviving the parents/in-laws/Christmas party!

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Today is all about confessions! I have never made a Christmas dinner…I have had Christmas dinner at my house once and this was Erin’s first Christmas but I didn’t cook- probably to everybody’s delight! For me Christmas Dinner is all about tradition and that means either my mum cooking or going to my Partner’s Parents house! I am very lucky in the fact they live on opposite sides of the road to each other so we are able to split our Christmas day’s with both of them and not having to travel anywhere which means we are able to have some tipples as well!

My top tips for keeping everyone and yourselves happy at Christmas include-

Split yourselves evenly- your partner will want to see their parents too! We do this by alternating Christmas dinner every year as each set of parent’s houses- solving the issue of arguing! And on the days where we aren’t going for dinner at the one we will spend the morning with them instead or the evening! Ensuring everyone is happy!

Families like to get together at Christmas but set want to do their own thing too. We normally set up a central location ( the member of the family’s house that is the most central to everyone else’s house) we set a time normally around 10am in the morning and meet and exchange gifts there. That way we are able to see each other and still do our own things too!

My last tip is do what makes you happy! If you think it’s a whole lot of fuss and you can’t be bothered! Just relax and do what does make you happy. If you want to visit everybody again go for it! But most of all do what makes you and your partner happy not what everybody else wants you to do!

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