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High chairs.. you would think after one child I would be wise!

If you have followed me for a while you will know I have Erin who is 8 years old- I had a Chicco high-chair with Erin and it reclined and had a padded back. I really loved this high chair and my natural reaction was to have one similar.(Some items in this post have been …


Does it really matter anymore?! Lockdown lumps and bumps!

If you have been here a while you will see that I made a huge effort to lose weight in August I mean a huge effort- the lovely Sarah helped me every step of the way and inspired me. I am not kidding you….I have got so fat since…. so fat that I am now …


Caring for your family with Surcare #AD

In our family we have two types of people…. Erin and I with hardcore skin that you can throw anything at and Edith and Matthew who mark easily and suffer from psoriasis, rosacea and eczema. Edith also has several allergies which we are currently in the midst of getting tested so I don’t want to …


Sensory Play with Zimpli Kids #AD

My kids love getting messy and they used to go to “messy play” classes well before lockdown happened. Both girls missed this kind of interaction not only with their peers but with sensory experiences. Most parents worry about messy play at home and they don’t want the mess and clean up afterwards. I always find …


Add a touch of Magic with Lex Go! Games #Gifted

Whether its Disney magic Hogwarts magic, I love anything to make days or nights in lockdown go a bit faster! We have been asked if we would like the new Lex Games Harry Potter and Disney Games in exchange for an honest review and of course we said yes. Now at first when I received …

House Series

House Series Part 2- Edith’s Bedroom

If you didn’t see part one of my new house series I have been doing which was voted for on a poll on my instagram and facebook stories. So if you haven’t checked out last week we started with the playroom. Check it out here. Edith’s bedroom is at the front of the house opposite …

House Series

House Series- Part 1- Playroom

Happy Monday everybody, after some let’s say ‘Market research’ on my instagram and facebook for content it turns out you guys just want to be nosey and look around my new house! Which is totally fine because I love looking around peoples houses too! I am going to do this as a series and do …


A Little update before I jump back in!

Hello everybody! Long time no speak- well we all thought this year was going to be better but wow its the same if not worse isn’t it. Every one I know is at the end of their tether with homeschooling, rain,snow and general Covid implications. I am too. I was putting off writing on here …


We have moved house!

If you follow me on Instagram you will know i have recently moved house. We sold our house in July and found our dream home- bigger garden, an office for Matt so his “work from home for the foreseeable” became more tolerable and an extra bedroom… just incase I convince Matt to have another baby! …