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The queen of after school clubs!

It’s the end of term and again I have had the flurry of letters asking if Erin would like to do any clubs. Her answer is always yes. Since she started school she’s some tonnes of clubs and I have no idea if I should tone it down or if it’s a really good thing? …

Is there any point in a birth plan?;

Is there any point in a birth plan?

Seven years ago when I was pregnant with Erin I meticulously wrote a birth plan and thought that when I got to hospital they would ask me for it and everything would be followed word for word. How wrong was I! My birth plan didn’t even get read. It wasn’t asked for, it wasn’t looked …


And it all went to pot!

This week has been very different to my positive pants week of last week. Although Erin has been fantastic with all the change and her star in her play as Innkeeper two! And I have remembered the Elf every day this week! Whooopppp The nesting has not only come to a halt it’s now gone …


Buying for pregnant people, babies, kids and the men in your life!

All I am hearing at the moment is what do the girls want for Christmas? What does Matt want? What do you need?? Unfortunately for our family we are all pretty sorted, but if you are struggling for ideas for babies, 6 year olds, pregnant people and men then you are in the right place!! …


The most magical time of the year… I’m due this month!!!

It’s December… in fact we’re one week in!!!! How did this happen?! This year has flown by and so much has happened. And I am 24 days away from my due date!!! Thankfully I am prepared! After a risky week this week of Matt being in America and my midwife telling me she’s engaged and …


#MyAquaphor Challenge

It’s winter. Erin’s eczema has flared up. Matt’s Rosacea is raging. My lips are dry and being pregnant my skin feels tight and dry. Winter is a lovely time but winter is a cruel mistress when it comes to the weather. Wind, rain, frost and snow- all of which make our skin, a complete mess. …


Be Prepared or prepare to fail!

I am a lover of being organised, I think organisation is the key to mum life and I thought I was pretty organised with this baby and it happening around Christmas. I have been so prepped with all Christmas presents and have even written my cards and wrapped my presents! All be it I have …

Date Night at Burlington’s Restaurant- Beech Hill Hotel and Spa;

Date Night at Burlington’s Restaurant- Beech Hill Hotel and Spa

We were lucky enough to be asked to review the Beech Hill Hotel and Spa and included in that was a complimentary 3 course meal at the hotels restaurant. We booked our reservation for 7pm and made our way to the restaurant which is only a very short walk from the rooms near the reception. …


Baby-moon at Beech Hill Hotel and Spa- Review

It’s Saturday morning, yesterday I finished work for maternity leave and had an amazing baby shower. We woke early and set off for a complimentary night in the Beech Hill Hotel in Lake Windermere. I have always wanted to go to the Lake District so was extremely excited. From our house the journey was around …


SURPRISE…. Babyshower time!

I’m naughty. I’m Nosy and Matt Is easy to weedle information out of! So when we were txting early one morning about me arranging a get together with friends before I was due, he slipped out that I was having a baby-shower thrown by my friends. As a control freak I got them to tell …