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A list with surprises?! Ideas for 8 year olds that they haven’t listed! #AD

Have you ever had that moment when your child gives you their Santa list… and it says surprises?! My first thought is arghhhhh! You have written everything that I would have thought of! So here is some inspiration for you! Emoji Action- Simple and Easy- Be the first to get rid of all your cards! …


VIP Pets Hair Salon Playset Review #AD

If you have read my blogs before you will know we love VIP Pets, Erin loves playing with them and doing their hair. When we were offered to review the VIP Pets Hair Salon playset we were super excited. The playset comes with an exclusive VIP pet- Kiara, glitters, accessories, hair Gel, a glitteriser and …


Are you stuck on what to get the adults this Christmas? I have the answers! #Ad

This year has been a tough one and I honestly think Christmas will be the first thing I have got excited about since March! I’m just hoping everything is able to go on as “normal” despite the pandemic. I always struggle for what the buy people. The kids are easy! I can sort the ideas …


#LearnwithPeppa Peppa Pig Electronic learning toys Review #AD

If you have followed me for a long time you will know that both of my kids adore Peppa Pig. Peppa is a around daily in some kind of format- she is either on the Television or we have the Peppa toys out. Recently we have been gifted the new Peppa Pig electronic learning toys …



LOL dolls- I think your kids adore them or don’t like them, I’m not sure there’s an in-between! my daughter Erin is 8 and for the last 4/5 years she has been LOL doll obsessed. We have the camper-van, both of the LOL houses, the car…… you name it we have it!! When I found …


Out and About with Freerider #AD

I have always done a lot of walking with Edith since the day she was born, walking is great for the mind and the body but figuring out if a pushchair or carrier is better on your walk is a tough one. We have always had a carrier but it’s quite bulky to just have …


Baby hair woes with Gorgeous Hair’s Scalp Spa Treatment #AD

For years I have had tiny wispy baby hairs that look like I have been electrocuted 2 hours after I have tied my hair up. They grew back properly 6 years after Erin was born which was just in time for it to fall out after the birth of Edith!! Gorgeous hair in Telford, Shropshire …


I’m back with a life update!

Hello! And happy Friday ! I have been radio silent on here due to trying to get my head around a new routine and the fact that no one would read it as they are all busy with their new routines! Anyway I’m back and going to attempt to be consistent with two posts a …


So Sand DIY Review #Ad

Erin loves anything ASMR- (autonomous sensory meridian response) is a relaxing, often sedative sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down the body. Erin continually finds videos of anything ASMR on YouTube and just loves watching them! To be honest I quite enjoy it too! So when we were asked to check out the …