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Style,sunshine and supermarket value- Nutmeg Clothing Review #AD

Before the Covid-19 crisis took hold we were gifted an outfit for Erin, Edith & I from Morrison’s fantastic new Nutmeg clothing range. I saved the outfit to Easter Sunday because I love to dress up on special days throughout the year. Even though we were in isolation I wanted this year to be no …


Lollipop Baby Camera Review #AD

We have had a video camera since Edith was born that gave me piece of mind because it had a heart rate sensor but the video isn’t great and now she’s older she doesn’t need the sensor, so using the monitor especially on trips away there were so many wires and things to remember it …


Chicco Polly Magic Relax #AD

We have been weaning Edith for 6 months now and gosh it’s had it’s up and downs. Her previous highchair was used as a climbing frame and she constantly tried to get out even with being strapped down, and she has gone on and off food like I change my clothes!! We are still doing …


Valentine’s Day- the Gift you hadn’t thought of! #AD

Do you like Valentine’s Day? Is it one of those days where your other half brings home a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and take you somewhere fancy? Or is it one of those where you want to vomit everywhere you turn? For me it’s possibly both! I have had stunning bouquets sent and other times …


Have I left it too late?!

When Erin was born I was 23… nearly 24 and good lord I looked at things so differently, age is not a blessing when you look into everything 15 times deeper!! When Erin was 6-8 weeks old I had a party and went out for the night leaving her with my mum. I didn’t think …


Looking to have more Self Care in January- choose CACI with Serenity #Gifted

Ever heard of CACI? Only in glossy magazines like me? Well it’s not what you think in terms of expense but it is the same one as all of the celebrities have such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Sadie Frost and many others. In fact they are even claiming they have an addiction to the …


January… Happy new year?!

Ok let’s get it out there. I hate New Year’s Eve. It’s ridiculous everyone counts down to 0 and everything is the same as before except it’s January. The month where everyone loses their minds about losing weight, new year new them, being vegan, not drinking. Yet everyone goes back to work and it’s the …


The one you were all waiting for-7 year old girls Christmas gift guide #AD

If you read my adults and infant gift guide then this is the one you will be waiting for! All the exciting toys for that awkward age of 7 years where the girls don’t want dolls but still aren’t teens! Fingers crossed I have pleased Erin this Christmas so hopefully this guide will help! I …


Christmas Gift ideas for babies and toddlers #Ad

If you read my adults gift guide you will know I’m normally highly organised! The one thing I am organised with is the girls for Christmas presents because Erin starts asking me in September and Edith is a tricky one to buy for as she’s only going to be 11 months but hopefully this guide …