Datebox- the Date without the hassle!

When you have been dating someone for a while and you throw children into the mix its gets harder to keep the magic alive and set aside time for romance. It is such an important factor into your relationship so you don’t become stuck in a rut but where do all these creative individuals get their inspiration from!? I am utterly useless at thinking about ideas for dates and even days out with kids!!

That’s where a brand new company Date box step in! Need a date that is not going to cost the earth… you don’t have to go out and get a babysitter all you need to do is sign up to your monthly box and await your delivery! It’s really that simple! The Date box retails at £24.99 with free postage but you can get yours for 50% off with the code FAYE50 or you can get your first month free when you sign up to a 3 month subscription by using the code FREEMONTH head to They have also recently launched a free trial box. A condensed version that costs just £1.99 p+p for the first month.

Its Saturday night and normally i am too tired from playing Disney princess with Erin to think of nice things to do or stay awake during a film but tonight we have the fabulous Date Box to review. I open the box with anticipation to find the really cute packages inside and a fab set of instructions to tell you exactly what to do.

The first thing on the agenda was to put the playlist of music onto Spotify… i am normally a nightmare when it comes liking music playlists but jesus this was a good one!!! there was only one song i skipped! a mix of old, new, love songs, disney songs! it was fantastic.

Our first task that ended up in Matthew and I actually crying laughing was a quiz about each other where you pick 3 things one being true in answer to the questions asked- switch and win ‘love tokens’ safe to say i won… obviously!!! it was hilarious!

Next was dessert!! yummy! American Pancakes. The box comes with almost all of the ingredients apart from the fresh things like eggs and butter, apart from my terrible cooking skills this was great and they tasted lovely especially with the syrup provided!

On to the main activity was painting our favourite activity together… after A-LOT of deliberation we decided it was our date to London when we went to the theatre- Matt was fab at this; my picture looked like a child had drawn it but we had fun! The paints pencils and canvasses were included and took us over an hour to complete this activity so it was nice to spend some quiet time together completing this. It was also really relaxing!

After all that we needed some lovely refreshments and whats better than finishing the night with a cup of tea, some after eights, sweeties and popcorn!

The Date box was a fantastic way to enjoy ourselves whilst Erin was asleep upstairs and even better that we didn’t have to put any thought into what we were doing or had to debate over which activity to do first! great for indecisive people like us!