Bambella’s Beautiful Baby Buys

If you are a fan of our blog you will have seen we are in love with the stunning products from Bambella designs-Check out our previous post here;Pushchair Customising!

We have been lucky enough to be sent some of their gorgeous new products which are not only stunning but are perfect for babies worldwide. The items we were sent include a changing mat cover and pram blanket in the beautiful Chevron designs.


When changing Maisie she gets so angry and always has done for being stripped and plonked onto a cold plastic changing mat, who wouldn’t? I think I would be a little tetchy too!!   I have never looked for a solution to this as I didn’t think there was one out there so have mostly stuck with the whining every time she was changed…until now! Bambella Designs have made an ingenious solution to this and come up with covers for changing mats. They are in so many amazing designs and colours and have an elastic edging to fit every changing mat around! I looked into if other people make this product and yes they do but not in as many amazing designs and colour combinations! I love grey and love the chevron pattern that we chose! The material is so soft and it really takes the edge of the cold plastic mat that is hidden underneath, it fits really well and is machine washable just in case the inevitable happens! It retails at £27.99


The pram blanket has also been a revolutionary product in our house hold especially in this hot sticky weather. The double sided blanket is fantastic- one side is made of a gorgeous white bobbled effect with the softest material ever! And the other is a beautiful yellow and grey chevron in a light cotton material making it perfect for the hot weather as it isn’t heavy or too hot but would cover them perfectly if there is breeze in the air. I have also taken to putting it over Maisie in the cot when she is asleep as it is enough layers in a warm room and I haven’t got the fear of her becoming over heated or too cold. It is perfect! I love the colour combinations that this comes in and most of all they do all the matching items so you are able to get pram liners and nursery linens to match! The pram blanket retails at £29.99 and you are able to buy both from We are being sent another little treat by this fantastic company so keep an eye out soon!