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Think your fertility is faulty??

So you have been trying for a baby for what seems an age… when is it that you start to actually consider that it could be you?

When I got married the first thing I did was came off the pill. I wanted a baby and had even said to people years before “I won’t be able to have children because I want them so much”. The problem I had was my periods didn’t return. After starting my periods at 15 and going on the pill as my pains were horrendous, I never had a “proper” period.

Instead I had medically enhanced pill periods. After coming off the pill I had 3… then nothing. Not a sausage.

I visited the doctors and got told – “it will return to normal, it’s the pill getting out of your system.” After 8 months I returned to be told the same thing. 11 months passed and I started to be concerned. Everything I googled said up to 12 months for the pill to get out of your system. I was on month 11!!!!

I returned again. This time the very honest doctor (thank you Dr Jones!!) said you have got to the magic number- I was perplexed. She explained there is a magic number to be referred to a fertility specialist. Three times in twelve months is the magic number. I am so glad I continued to go and air my concerns, they don’t tell you what the magic number is at the time so it was only by chance it happened that way!!

I thankfully was referred and was not only petrified but was relieved that something was actually being done about it!!!

Ladies… if you think you have faulty fertility parts!! Don’t stop going because they send you away. Be persistent!

Is your fertility faulty?

Is your fertility faulty? Do you have fertility issues undiagnosed?