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Toys and games traditional or modern? Hape Toys review #AD

In our house we love toys, Erin is a fan of anything plastic but I am more traditional- I’m not saying she doesn’t have tonnes of plastic toys because she does but I love the more traditional wooden toys and educational toys as I think they have more longevity and purpose. When we were offered …

Mothers Day Inspiration  #AD;

Mothers Day Inspiration #AD

My mum is notoriously hard to buy for and so is Matts mum. I bet most mums are and they always say ‘don’t worry about me, treat yourself!’ Nightmare!! So let me help you with a little inspiration. We have been gifted these fantastic items for inclusion within this post. White Company Waffle Gown Now …


Trundling Along with Trunki #Ad

I love a holiday. They are amazing, sun, sea, sand, fun! One of our favourite destinations is Disney world, in fact I would say we’re slightly addicted. Guess what we’re going again this year! Now we have two girls and we have always used Erin’s faithful Trunki on our trips away, so Edie will have …


Snuza Hero- The saviour at bedtime #AD

A few years prior to Erin being born I knew about three children who died of ‘Cot Death’. It was pretty horrendous and I couldn’t even start to imagine how the parents felt. This made me super paranoid when Erin was born and I did everything the ‘ right’ way to combat Sudden Infant Death …


Mandala Placenta Encapsulation Review #AD

When I got pregnant I knew that this time I wanted everything to be different to how it was with Erin, I wanted the whole experience. So many things have changed since Erin’s as born 7 years ago and things are so much more accessible now. I watched a programme a few years ago about …


Buying for pregnant people, babies, kids and the men in your life!

All I am hearing at the moment is what do the girls want for Christmas? What does Matt want? What do you need?? Unfortunately for our family we are all pretty sorted, but if you are struggling for ideas for babies, 6 year olds, pregnant people and men then you are in the right place!! …

Date Night at Burlington’s Restaurant- Beech Hill Hotel and Spa;

Date Night at Burlington’s Restaurant- Beech Hill Hotel and Spa

We were lucky enough to be asked to review the Beech Hill Hotel and Spa and included in that was a complimentary 3 course meal at the hotels restaurant. We booked our reservation for 7pm and made our way to the restaurant which is only a very short walk from the rooms near the reception. …


Baby-moon at Beech Hill Hotel and Spa- Review

It’s Saturday morning, yesterday I finished work for maternity leave and had an amazing baby shower. We woke early and set off for a complimentary night in the Beech Hill Hotel in Lake Windermere. I have always wanted to go to the Lake District so was extremely excited. From our house the journey was around …


SURPRISE…. Babyshower time!

I’m naughty. I’m Nosy and Matt Is easy to weedle information out of! So when we were txting early one morning about me arranging a get together with friends before I was due, he slipped out that I was having a baby-shower thrown by my friends. As a control freak I got them to tell …