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MAM Toothbrush, Snack pot & first cup review

When we were offered by popular baby brand MAM to test some of there products we were very excited!  We chose- My first Toothbrush                  Snack pot                  My first cup  The day our parcel arrived Erin was super excited to …


Tesco’s Finest Pasta Review

So the good people at Orchard gave Erin and I the opportunity to try thier Tesco Finest Pasta Range. We went all out with this one! Got three different shapes a Gigli, Pennoni and Spaghetti!  The packaging that the pasta came in was modern and sleek, looked exciting and couldn’t wait to get it home!  …


Peppa pig and the golden boots!

Today we attended Cineworld Cinema in Wolverhampton to see Peppa Pig and The Golden Boots. Erin was extremely excited as soon as we got to the cinema and all became a reality!! She’s hopping around like a mad woman telling me which sweets she wanted and drink, we brought our goods which were £9,55 for …