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Minnie Mouse Bow-Tel Hotel Review #AD

If you have followed my blog for a while you will know we are complete Disney fanatics we love everything Disney. My girls both had a Minnie Mouse as their first teddy bear so we love it when we can follow the trend with a loveable character for toys too. The Minnie Mouse Bow-Tel Hotel …


Nursery, School moves… any tips?

Nursery, School moves… any tips? In July Erin finished her 1st tier primary school and Edith will be 2.5years old, this September the girls are heading for pastures new and attending nursery and a new primary school. I hate the 3 tier primary system of first, middle and high schools it’s a lot of change …


Go back in time with Ironbridge Gorge Museums #AD

I have lived in Shropshire all of my life and rarely venture around to see what’s on offer or enjoy its history. Living so close to Ironbridge which is steeped in local history is great but I never thought it would be fun for the kids to go as I didn’t think it would interest …