The need for Wipe clean floors with babies- our reflux hell.

When Erin was born I had never thought a lot about what could go wrong, I was convinced she would be this perfect little bundle in which I prepared if she had colic as I had bought anti-colic bottles. But I didn’t think anything else could go wrong. How I was wrong.

Reflux. That one word that can make your heart break for your little baby. I thought colic was bad- despite the anti-colic bottles, Erin used to spend 3 hours a night crying which horrendous stomach pain. At first, I thought that the fact she was sick was due to the colic.

From the night after she came home, a very mere 24 hours after being put on this earth Erin let out an almighty scream. My first thought was S*** my baby is broken. After a lot of googling as every new mum does. I obviously checked out Mumsnet threads and decided she needed ‘Comfort milk’ instead of normal milk.

There I was on a trip to Asda 15 miles away from home at 10 pm at night with a screaming baby. It would appear that I was partially correct as she was less ‘Screamy’ for the next few hours!

Unfortunately, the sick didn’t stop. She was violently sick every single time she had a bottle. To the point where she would finish a bottle- you would lift her up and boom- out came the entire bottle all over the floor. Thank god we had hard flooring as I do not know what I would do if we had carpet, I would have been forever scrubbing it.

Erin ended up being taken to the doctors so often because we were dismissed for ‘viruses’ ‘car sickness’ ‘mild reflux’. In the end, my poor baby girl was diagnosed with Silent Reflux. Several times over we headed to the doctors for yet another try at a magical cure which never worked.

It took until Erin was 2 years old to get the right medication and the right amounts to help her with this vile issue. Since managing to sort Erin out I have known so many people with babies with the same issues. I have ensured they have the right advice from me and I have been able to help them.

If you have a little one or a big one for that matter as Erin does still have very mild reflux. Here is a list of things you should do to ensure your baby gets the right treatment and you don’t go mildly insane.

  •  Firstly get your baby to the doctors and explain everything and that you have an inkling it is reflux.

  • Get yourself a Vinyl Flooring to save yourself hours of cleaning and scrubbing carpets. Advantaged of Vinyl Floors are that the floor is durable and stands up well to heavy foot traffic as well as It being comfortable under foot and reduces noise (perfect for sleeping babies) which can be important for owners with kids or pets. It is also less expensive than many other flooring options and is easy to install and maintain. It is also a healthier choice as water resistant so it doesnt harbour nasty germs and infect babies and young children further, with so many styles it is ideal for children and a perfect accompliment to your house.

  • Don’t take no for an answer from the doctor. Don’t let them fob you off- there are several options. Erin is on adult medicine but a different dosage which has been amended since she was very tiny.

  • Learn how to get a Squeaky Clean house! It will save you time and hassle as you don’t want the little one to pick up other bugs as well as getting the smell of baby milk sick out of your flooring.

  • Check out How to Treat acid reflux in newborns– This will assist you in doing everything you can to enable your baby and you to be happier before you get in the doctors.

  • Trust your instincts. Ensure you don’t listen to other people if you feel you know your baby. The likelihood is that you do know your baby better than anyone. You spend the most time with them.

  • Make sure you take a break, let your partner or a family member look after your little one for a couple of hours if they are crying a lot or you’re just bored of smelling like baby vom. Even if it is just to get the projectile vomit out of your hair in the bath. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It is hard.

  • Buy tonnes of baby bibs and muslins. These will be your lifesaver and protect clothes and upholstery when it comes to a spout of baby vom.

  • Try and enjoy your newborn and remember this is only temporary and will get sorted.