What happens when the technology breaks?!;

What happens when the technology breaks?!

Yesterday something rather unreal happened to me… Both myself and my friend Hannah had full shopping trollies in Asda- we had been shopping for her son’s 3rd birthday party and I had done a normal shop including all the Easter treats we needed and eggs for friends and family.  We completed our shop and overheard …

It does get easier!!! Couch 2 5k- Day 2;

It does get easier!!! Couch 2 5k- Day 2

So tonight I achieved Day 2 of Couch 2 5k and to my surprise it was actually easier! As your supposed to have a day of rest in between I will be completing day 3 on Saturday.  I managed to run quicker and be less out of breath which was excellent! I didn’t realise how …

The big Run;

The big Run

Having little ones makes going out hard and as ever I considered to use “I can’t go out I have to play” but I manned up! Matthew got home so I knew I should go on my first run!  Erin came with me in the pushchair and I dressed her in her Purflo Sleepsac so …

Putting down the chocolate…;

Putting down the chocolate…

Yesterday was on of the days where I get  all ahead of myself and start a conversation in my head that consists of… You will use Myfitnesspal and do couch 2 5k… Funnily enough I have had this chat about 1000000000 times recurring. Do I stick to it? Well do I look like Davina McCall …

Why do our kids trust us as parents?!;

Why do our kids trust us as parents?!

As my big sausage like fingers head to the cupboard and peel yet another of  Erin’s Easter eggs that I brought her from the cupboard, whilst making a mental I owe you, I open the egg and think why do our kids trust us?!!  The blatant lies we tell our children on a daily basis …

West Midlands Safari Park;

West Midlands Safari Park

Today we visited West Midlands Safari Park with Erin and it was fab!  As it was a Tuesday in the middle of the week and not in the school holidays there were no queues and we were able to do everything we wanted- even managed to see the new attractions and rides! Check out our …

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Razor Review for Silky Smooth Legs!;
Review vlog

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Razor Review for Silky Smooth Legs!

I am a self confessed ‘Only shave when I have to’ because messing around in the shower with shaving foam or soap, getting the razor changing the blade whilst wondering why the Threenager is so quiet and not pestering me is not so fun!!! Wilkinson Sword for women appear to have my life a lot …

Red Pepper Hearts for the little ones to love!;

Red Pepper Hearts for the little ones to love!

Our favourite Snack brand Organix have sent us yet more wonderful treats that were a fantastic accent to my little one’s romantic meal with her ‘boyfriend’ as they are shaped as little hearts! Organix Finger foods- Red Pepper hearts are made from corn before being covered in red pepper and carrot.The Red pepper hearts are …

What is BPA free? And Koo-di help us combat BPA products with their newSilicone feeding set!;
Beautiful Bed Linen- perfect for the trendiest of nurseries!;

Beautiful Bed Linen- perfect for the trendiest of nurseries!

As you know we have worked with the fabulous Clair De Lune before and love their products! So when we had the chance to review the new “The Dudes” cot bed set for Maisie! We were extremely excited by our packages arrival!  The quilt is gorgeous and encompasses all of my favourite elements being- The …