A very special Christmas present for little people- Your own story;

A very special Christmas present for little people- Your own story

What more can a child want than to be a part of their very own story that even includes their hometown and their best friend!? We were overcome with excitement when our Very Own Story landed on our doorstep! Stacey Kelly the founder of this amazing book decided to leave her career and a French …

Happy Tokens- they make this mummy happy!!;

Happy Tokens- they make this mummy happy!!

When living with a Threenager.. Life can become somewhat stressful especially when the classic Diva strop takes over and I have a child throwing herself around the house screaming ‘I want to wear the princess dress’ in this situation what the heck does one do?!  Other times she can be a sweet little angel by …

Handmade Christmas Company Santa Sack Review;

Handmade Christmas Company Santa Sack Review

The Handmade Christmas co. was founded in 2012 to design a premium alternative to the Christmas stocking and what an alternative it is! With a vintage feel the Hessian sack is complimented with one metre of branded Crimson Satin Ribbon to tie around the top of the sack. Inspired by ‘Sir Richard Grenville (1542-1591) the …

The Elf on the Shelf ® craze to hit the united kingdom next month!;
The Crafty Gift Company Review;

The Crafty Gift Company Review

As Erin is only 3 years old, we haven’t finalised our Christmas traditions until this year, where we have been looking for items to nail these down! One of the products we love and have been asked to review  a beautiful personalised engraved Santa Christmas Eve platter retailing at £15.99. The wooden board is 20cm …

A Cheeky Elf for a Cheeky Toddler;

A Cheeky Elf for a Cheeky Toddler

Do you have a cheeky toddler?! Why not get them a cheeky Elf to ensure they behave correctly on the run up to Christmas?! Thecheekyelf.co.uk have given my readers £1.50 off an elf set purchased this Christmas by using the promo code- BL150 We have been lucky enough to have been set a deluxe Cheeky …

Make your own teepee review!!;

Make your own teepee review!!

I have always looked at all the beautiful cotton Teepee’s that are on sale all over the internet thinking what a great place for little ones to read books or take outside in the summer… the only downside to these are they are so expensive! The ones I looked at were around £70 and I …

Jingle belly- babies can enjoy Christmas too!!;

Jingle belly- babies can enjoy Christmas too!!

On Christmas day the last thing on my mind is getting the food processor out and portioning food to make a small meal for a 7 month old- a glass of Prosecco and a sit down sounds much more appealing! Luckily for me the amazingly clever people at Ella’s Kitchen wanted to make sure little …

The Christmas Eve box Review;

The Christmas Eve box Review

I am in the unfortunate position of being separated from Erin’s father which makes Christmas somewhat harder than every other day as I like to be as fair as possible- This year it leaves me without Erin on Christmas morning.  I wanted to make Christmas Eve as special as possible for my little girl and …

make me skinny by applying fake tan?! yeah!!!;

make me skinny by applying fake tan?! yeah!!!

In the run up to the festive seasons with all the Christmas parties around the corner looking pasty and overweight is not the look I will be going for this year! Not because I have been on a mass diet and had a holiday but because I have found the answers to a lot of …