Guest Posts

The lifeline of the 21st Century

Being a mum of two who works from home my broadband connection is my lifeline. I literally don’t know what I would do if my broadband went down.

I rely on my broadband for uploading YouTube videos, writing blog posts and updating social media. It got me thinking on how much we rely on something like a broadband connection.

What would we do if broadband stopped? I remember when we had to wait hours for the internet to dial-up and it would disconnect in a few minutes and you had to go through the whole rigmarole again. Most of the time we rely on a back up of our mobile phones but what would we do if we didn’t have the internet anymore?

So many things that I use wouldn’t work anymore! The TV!!! Social media, my plug sockets that work off Alexa, WIFI for general googling! Sat Nav on your phone everything now works off the internet.

Once I was in Asda and the internet went down and it was absolute chaos- no one knew what to do and how everyone would pay as the card machines went down. I have never known anything like it.

I wonder what would happen if we didn’t have broadband after having it for so long, I know that I have been attempting to read a book for 0weeks now but scrolling through social media before bed is so much more appealing. I can imagine people would probably have a breakdown if their internet was taking away.

I think that I should perhaps try and have a digital detox and attempt to read the book I have been putting off for so long. Why is everyone ‘Addicted’ to social media. I think I would struggle to go one day without checking my phone and seeing how things are going in the pretend world of Instagram and Facebook.

I have even realised that in the middle of the night when I have finished the night feed that I go and check my emails before I go back to sleep. I mean this isn’t necessary but my mind still tells me to do it. Maybe I should turn the broadband off before I go to sleep or move my phone to another plug socket.

I think ultimately broadband is here to stay and things like fibre broadband have been such great innovation in the world of technology– it is the lifeline of the 21st century! It is a must-have at home and in most places whilst your out. It’s so important to have a great connection and without this, the whole world would now go to pot.

I think I will attempt a digital detox but in the end we all rely on technology to get us through our day to day lives.