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Love Downton Abbey? This is for you!;

Love Downton Abbey? This is for you!

If you love Downton Abbey and have little ones or a sense of humour this is a fab watch! To make it even better Every sale of Ella’s Kitchen Jingle belly gifts 30p to Save the Children!  (find my review here- )    The link to Down Town Babby is here- Enjoy!! (Ella’s Kitchen Press …

Squint Surgery for my baby girl-not just a paper explanation;

Squint Surgery for my baby girl-not just a paper explanation

So yesterday after 2 cancellations.. Erins operation on her squint was completed.  Let me tell you it was one of the worst days of my life. My baby girl in so much pain was horrific. But it was worth it. A week ago Erin was referred to at swimming as the “girl with the poorly …

Operations on toddlers.. Mummy worries;

Operations on toddlers.. Mummy worries

Operations for kids, not something one thinks about on a daily basis… until you have to go through it. What an eye opener this last few months has been, worry, stress and most of all fear. Now I am not one to preach about how horrific something is going to be as there are people …

Do toddlers have an inbuilt clock to annoy us?!;

Do toddlers have an inbuilt clock to annoy us?!

So after two weeks of trying Gro clocks and princess clocks my toddler has outsmarted me once again!!!!  Do they go to sleep thinking of ways to annoy you?! So it began like this 5.50am was our new wake up time… Was I ok with this?! In short NO!!! She had gone from 6pm- 7.30am …

10 Reasons YouTube and kids Perplex mummies!!;

10 Reasons YouTube and kids Perplex mummies!!

 The world of YouTube- it’s great if you want to find a tutorial on something you can’t do or a Vlog of the latest Hoover, but kids love it… My daughter would watch it every waking minute (the iPad is prized out of her tiny little fingers to her disgust!)  Here’s my list of reasons …

Terrible Two’s;

Terrible Two’s

Today I found out a secret…. Everyone has the same issue. Every kid has a time where they are naughty….Some are short lived.. Some are longer. ALL mums go through this! When I thought that i was all alone in the world in a pool of tears.. It appears that everyone goes through it. After …

Toddlers and Food..;

Toddlers and Food..

Why is there always a constant battle at every meal time… Im bored of saying “sit still” “eat your dinner” “stop it” “don’t do that” it could all be over and done with if they spent less time squeezing chips until the potato comes out or throwing peas on the floor. Tonight has been no …

parenting manual

Mummy Troubles- When to know if your child is ready to cut nap time?

How do you know when your child’s ready to cut the daily nap time routine?! If only there was some form of handbook for parents… Since friday Erin has really pushed my buttons when it comes to bed time… Shes still shattered in the day and having a good two hour sleep but when it …

baking with kids

Bake off Meets Naked Chef!

This morning was one of those days that with a two year old every mum dreads….rainy days. You can’t chuck them outside and let them run riot, you can’t walk to the park and play make believe shops… the question is what do you do on days like this bleak Tuesday?!   With all the …