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Reflux- Coughs and Cries

When you are pregnant and you get reflux and drink Gaviscon like its going out of fashion you never imagine that when your baby is born they will have it too. I have never heard of reflux in babies as it’s not something that’s heard of for people that aren’t in parenting circles. 8th May …


The Mummy Tag- an insight to me as a mum!

Thank you to for tagging me in ‘The mummy Tag’ we have enjoyed getting to know you and hopefully you will learn a little about us now. Are you a stay at home or working mum? Since I went back after maternity leave I have had the best of both worlds have have been …

Worst tantrum ever…;

Worst tantrum ever…

So today WAS lovely… A little party at my friends for her housewarming until all hell broke loose. Erin was what I can explain as the devil, she made me want to dig a hole sit in it and cry. Firstly she batted her best friends spade out of his hand making him so upset …

Secret Obsession- Pushchairs!!!;

Secret Obsession- Pushchairs!!!

Before Erin was Born I was desperate to go pushchair shopping, I indulged myself and picked a Silved Cross 3D fairly quickly. Looking back now I should have thought about many more aspects and took far more pushchairs for a test drive!  The silver Cross 3D was lovely for when she was newborn and lay …

Mary Poppins Outfit Complete! Cute overload!!;

Mary Poppins Outfit Complete! Cute overload!!

After I had realised what I had let myself in for with agreeing to make Erin her Mary Poppins outfit- (see blog post ) Today was the final outcome and personally I love it!!! She looked extremely cute!!! 

What have I let myself in for?!;

What have I let myself in for?!

Christmas Day Erin and I were brought a lovely present off my auntie and mum to go to see Mary Poppins at the Theatre in April- Mary Poppins was one of my favourites as a child, but I was dubious that Erin would sit through it as she had never seen the film. This is …

Why do our kids trust us as parents?!;

Why do our kids trust us as parents?!

As my big sausage like fingers head to the cupboard and peel yet another of  Erin’s Easter eggs that I brought her from the cupboard, whilst making a mental I owe you, I open the egg and think why do our kids trust us?!!  The blatant lies we tell our children on a daily basis …

Love Downton Abbey? This is for you!;

Love Downton Abbey? This is for you!

If you love Downton Abbey and have little ones or a sense of humour this is a fab watch! To make it even better Every sale of Ella’s Kitchen Jingle belly gifts 30p to Save the Children!  (find my review here- )    The link to Down Town Babby is here- Enjoy!! (Ella’s Kitchen Press …

Squint Surgery for my baby girl-not just a paper explanation;

Squint Surgery for my baby girl-not just a paper explanation

So yesterday after 2 cancellations.. Erins operation on her squint was completed.  Let me tell you it was one of the worst days of my life. My baby girl in so much pain was horrific. But it was worth it. A week ago Erin was referred to at swimming as the “girl with the poorly …

Operations on toddlers.. Mummy worries;

Operations on toddlers.. Mummy worries

Operations for kids, not something one thinks about on a daily basis… until you have to go through it. What an eye opener this last few months has been, worry, stress and most of all fear. Now I am not one to preach about how horrific something is going to be as there are people …