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Kim Kardashian Robbery… who’s to blame?

Recently I have got back into Keeping up with the kardashians. They are a love them or hate them family. I really like them and love the trashy tv element. Matt and I were watching it on Sunday, the episode was revolved around the robbery in Paris. At this point Matt said “it’s her own …


Does everything happen in life for a reason?

When things happen in life and there is no rhyme or reasoning behind it, it makes you wonder. Are we just a giant ant farm or game with people controlling us? Everything happens for a reason is all I ever hear people say nowadays- including myself, is this because we are trying to make ourselves …


What happens when the technology breaks?!

Yesterday something rather unreal happened to me… Both myself and my friend Hannah had full shopping trollies in Asda- we had been shopping for her son’s 3rd birthday party and I had done a normal shop including all the Easter treats we needed and eggs for friends and family.  We completed our shop and overheard …