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The Mummy Tag- an insight to me as a mum!

Thank you to for tagging me in ‘The mummy Tag’ we have enjoyed getting to know you and hopefully you will learn a little about us now. Are you a stay at home or working mum? Since I went back after maternity leave I have had the best of both worlds have have been …


Want to the Slim without a Diet? its possible!!!

I have found a diet like no other… because it actually involves no food changes- just a mind change! Check out our review of Thinking Slimmer which you can purchase at   [embedyt][/embedyt]


Postsnap- Never forget a stamp again! 

Do you hate it when you remember that its a loved ones birthday and you need to buy a meaningful card and post it but getting to the shop and then to buy stamps and post it seem impossible?! If this is an issue for you too- I have a solution!! Postsnap is the Genius …


Does everything happen in life for a reason?

When things happen in life and there is no rhyme or reasoning behind it, it makes you wonder. Are we just a giant ant farm or game with people controlling us? Everything happens for a reason is all I ever hear people say nowadays- including myself, is this because we are trying to make ourselves …


Delicious Kiddylicious Snacks!

Erin is a snacker… if I ask her what she wants for dinner she says a picnic as she would rather have foods that she can pick on than eat a hot dinner- yet Maisie will eat anything!!! I worry about how to get the nutrients, fruit and vegetables whilst not battling at every meal …

Review vlog

Nuby’s Cure to Colic and Reflux and a solution to combined feeding!

I used to the girl with a one track mind when it came to purchasing bottles and feeding products. My mind has been changed!!!! I was lucky enough to be asked to review the New Nuby Natural Touch digital breast pump (rrp £89.99-what a bargain!!!) and the New Nuby 360 bottles (rrp £12.99 for two) …