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Kidloland- Education brought into the 21st Century

Today’s post is a bit controversial as it depends on what side of the fence you’re on… the Ipad/tablet debate… to give or not to give.  I understand why people wouldn’t want to give their little one a tablet to play on but I think if there is fair usage (less than 1 hour a …


Out of Date Mates- Weaning worries gone!

Weaning a little one is always tough especially when you feel unprepared and without the tools you need. I was forever wasting money with half eaten fruit purees and jars of food, as I would forget when I had opened them and didn’t want her eating the same foods for two meals in a row. …


Bath time beauty for babies everywhere!

Many times I have wondered if night time or bed time added to a product means they are just trying to sell something and lure sleep deprived mothers into a purchasing frenzy to get their little balls of energy to go to sleep. When I was asked to review Infacare night time bath I attempted …


Jojoba oil- being more yummy mummy and less slummy!

In my attempt to look more yummy mummy than slummy mummy…. Yes I know I’m not doing a great job 90% of the time- but I thought I would treat myself to more pampering than my usual chuck some exfoliator on my face in the shower and away I go! When looking for products to …


Care and protect….not just for bums but fingernails too!!!

I have a pet hate… and it’s that I love Sudocrem but I hate putting my fingers in the big tub and getting it all under my nails but I find the results so good I can’t stop using it on the girls! Thankfully Sudocrem have heard my prayers to stop gouging the white cream …


Beaten by Bread Sticks!

Whenever we are out shopping I look for healthy snacks to pick up for our resident snacker Erin! One thing that I have always struggled to get her to eat was bread sticks… I don’t know whether they are too bland (this is the girl who loves lobster crisps!!) or if it’s just the thought …


The Mummy Tag- an insight to me as a mum!

Thank you to for tagging me in ‘The mummy Tag’ we have enjoyed getting to know you and hopefully you will learn a little about us now. Are you a stay at home or working mum? Since I went back after maternity leave I have had the best of both worlds have have been …